Are you thinking of starting a career in Digital Marketing? Don’t know from where to start then you are at the right place. Yes it’s Digital Deepak Internship Program. A direct Training from Deepak Kanakaraju Sir. You get opportunity to ask questions and have a community to help.

Now you may be thinking what is that? Should I enroll? Why Should I enroll? Will it benefit me?
I will explain you in deep.
Digital deepak
Digital Deepak Internship Program
DDIP  is transformational, will tell you the reason why? It is a 12 week program and learn by doing it. It is a paid Internship program. Very practical, real and very live s. It will change your thinking and learning perspective.
  1. Week 1 : Success Mindset – Which covers Nurturing your skills, Knowing yourselves, motivating session, how happiness is important to succeed, balancing your life and lots more.
  2. Week 2: Marketing Fundamentals: Which includes fundamentals of marketing, Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing. CATT Marketing Funnel, Integrated Digital Marketing Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint.
  3. Week 3: Selecting your Niche: Selecting a Niche is one of the most important parts in Niche Blogging.
  4. Week 4: Creating your Own Website : Session includes selecting a domain, hosting, Creating Pages and Posts, installation of plugins, setting of google Analytics, Google Search console, updating DNS
  5. Week 5: Becoming the Content King: Tools used for Content writing, Video Creation, creating content empire blueprint.
  6. Week 6: Social Media marketing and Networking : Effective use of Zoom meeting, Importance of Social Media, Creating of Personal brand and importance, Creating your Tribe.
  7. Week 7: Lead generation and Email Marketing : Power of Email Marketing, B2B and B2C Lead generation techniques, Introduction to Drip Marketing.
  8. Week 8: Facebooks Ads: Creation of Ads account to installation of pixels, running organic search and paid search campaigns, Custom conversions and so on
  9. Week 9:Mastering Google Ads : Creating Google Ads Account, creating Google Conversion tracking code, Creating Search, Display and Video Campaigns.
  10. Week 10: Search Engine Optimization : Keyword Optimization, Creating Backlinks, Using different tools. 
  11. Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation: Creating Typeform and connecting to Zapier Account
  12. Week 12: Natural Sales Method.
There is a weekly cash back system. Money will get transferred to your account after submitting the assignment on time. Money paid will be returned back and also can gain incentives.
The Topics that will covers are:
Blogging and Website Creation
Facebook Ads and Google Ads
Sales and Copywriting
Leads and Marketing Automation
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
And more….


Scope of Digital Marketing
Enroll to Digital Deepak Internship Program . Attend the Launch Webinar:
After Launch Webinar reserve your seat by paying the amount.
After reserving the seat you will get the Login details.
Weekly videos and assignments will get released.
Assignment sheets and a Q&A session will get arranged to solve your queries.
After submitting the assignment you will get a specific amount for every assignment.
By that way you can learn and earn.
It will help you to come out of your comfort zone and build confidence in you.
What are you waiting for Apply Now for the Launch Webinar:
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Deepak Explaining the DDIP

Lets hear some review about DDIP:

Kamna Jain: Was an intern with DDIP now working with Deepak in Pixel track.

Review on Digital Deepak Internship Program by Kamna Jain

Want to learn SEO from Scratch. Just watch the below video:

Being a part of DDIP was a best decision. I have gained confidence as well as knowledge.

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